Wednesday, May 26, 2010

make your walls awesome!

i have 2 poster prints available at society6.

the first is a design that was recently featured as "side art" during my recent teefury sale, and a lot of people seemed to dig it:

click here to buy.

the second is one of my favorites (because it's my wife's favorite):

click here to buy.

society6 came to my attention when threadless put out a call to all artists to submit and join their sure to be well trafficked collaborative "storefront". both of these pieces are currently vying for a space in their "store", but i'm up against hundreds of other excellent artists, so i'm crossing my "fingers". lots of air quotes.

i have also recently tweaked my site. now all of my shirts, posters, stickers and playing cards are collected in one single "buy" page. i have also moved my limited run tees that i still own the rights to back to the "designs" page under the cumbersome title "designs sold at limited sites & still available for sale."

"more quotes"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sticker sale!

thanks to a really great sales day at tee fury, and the interest shown for my plaidinum stickers, i have them on sale for a limited time!
plaidinum stickers sale!
buy here!

now 17% off, plus extra stickers shoved in to each order envelope!

sale runs until 5/19 at 11:59pm est

Sunday, May 16, 2010

mario is dead?!

i am very pleased to have an older design of mine up for sale on for the next 24 hours:
original gamer, at tee fury.
click here to buy now.

tee fury
is also currently running a promotion to win some free plaidinum stickers:

click here to enter on teefury, or click here to bypass the uncertainty and buy yourself a set.

a lot of folks on tee fury have expressed interest in my star wars themed side art (or as the tee fury word filters have retitled them, "dancing with the stars" themed) i would love some help with my design tatooine trash on threadless:
tatooine trash. - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
last day! nope, voting is over.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hello ripters!

i figured it'd be nice to put together a specialized message to the new folks visiting my site from my may 12th sale of my construct-a-trooper design at ript apparel.
construct-a-trooper, at ript apparel

if you're way into star wars, i have some stickers that might interest you:
plaidinum sticker set.

and another shirt:
plaidinum, at red bubble.

and another design up for vote on threadless:
tatooine trash.

check back soon, i have another design up for sale next week on tee fury.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

toasted yoshi.

2 new shirts on sale via crazy dog:

game over, at crazy dog shirts.
buy here.

you'll notice that they removed the toads i had in the original design (possibly for color count) that made this design look like a toadstool school field trip. i like the way this turned out.

toastor, at crazy dog shirts
buy here

and i have always held this design near and dear to my heart. this is the first design i had made where i really felt i had seen the idea in my head turn into a decent sketch, and then translated it into decent vector art. i am very pleased to see this finally on sale.

i have 2 more designs coming up for sale in the next 2 weeks at a couple different "limited time" sites, so check back!