Saturday, May 30, 2009

back in the habit?

if there's on quirk anyone knows about me, it's my love of transformers. (the autobot symbol tattooed on my shoulder is a dead giveaway)

anyone who knows me from 5 years ago knows me as a rabid fan.

3 years ago, an intense collector.


for those not in the loop, today is the street date that they allow stores to sell the transformers 2 movie figures. after a night of playing risk at a friends, i hit up the local wal-mart an hour and a half past the street date.

there were new figures galore, enough that i would have contemplated fasting for 2 weeks to fill my cart right then and there to go on a bliss-filled transformation bender 3 years ago.

today, i circled back and forth, putting figures in and out of my cart and ultimately left with nothing.

the $1.99 iced coffee i went home with ended up being far less satisfying than breaking into a transformers package with my keys and quickly undoing all the packing work some chinese laborer had done months prior, and then sitting down and fiddling with the toy for a few hours.

so, while the allure is gone when i'm staring down the toy aisle; there's something to be said about the satisfaction of buyer's rejoice.

i'm going to go and be old in the corner now. keep the punks and hippies off my lawn.

Friday, May 29, 2009

more t-shirts!

i have to be vague for now, but there is a new t-shirt company about to open up an on-line shop that has expressed interest in a couple of my designs.

i just sent the art off to them and i should have an update as to whatwhichwhenandwhere soon.

here are some close-up sneak peeks:

sneak peek.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

more to love.

i've decided to look into a few new shirt competitions and sites i had been too shy or busy to get into.

i visited when they first opened, and boy, did they grow into a pretty cool site while i was away. i feel like a father who "left for smokes" and now, a year later, my kid is all grown up and famous, and i'm looking to get reacquainted to ask for a loan. (that will be the last horrible metaphor you see in this blog)

i now have a number of designs (including the tee i just sold at teefury) up for vote here.

i also visited and liked the set-up. every thursday they introduce a theme, designs are voted on for a week and the winner gets a cash prize and a print of their tee. this week's theme is "tell a joke" so i submitted 'game over.' and 'lambchop.'.

i was then referred to shirt.woot by one of their commissioned artists (robbie lee), and although they have a weekly set-up like has, i was informed i should just send them some examples. so cross your fingers with me and you might see some of my cataloged designs on shirt.woot soon!

Monday, May 11, 2009

one day only!

the sale is over, but thanks to the art curating skills of jimiyo, my design by hümans design (that fared decently on emptees) was printed at tee fury for 24 hours only, now it's gone!

plaidinum, at tee fury.
click to see design page

i'm very excited to see this shirt in print. i love large print, i love patterns, and i love vader.

my day has passed. i received $1 per shirt, and i made a very nice amount of scratch, so i am pleased that i'll be able to buy some nice spectacles to replaced the scratched windows that currently obscure my eyes.

thanks again to jimiyo!