Saturday, September 26, 2009

wake me up when october begins.

t-minus 12 days until the family moves into the new house.

i've been working on a lot of favors and a collab that have been swept into an oft forgotten corner of my mind. i apologize if you are one of these 4 or so people. i'm trying my darndest to remain creative with a house full of boxes.

threadless recently reprinted "picket." so if you missed your chance to nab "picket.", try, try again.

i recently sold a currently "secret" design to culture twist so i'm having my first design printed overseas.

i want to give a quick thank you to robbie lee. he helped me get my foot in the door at shirt.woot and eased my trepidation when i recently entered a deal with culture twist. i seem to trail him by a few days at various shirt sites, and he was recently printed at design by hümans, so i'm knocking on wood, crossing my fingers and throwing table salt over my shoulder in hopes that i finally get a print there.

i recently vectorized an earlier sketch of mickey being torn asunder:
the unveiling.

and made a logo for my uncle's construction company:
phoenix construction "3d".

there's another design you've already seen in these blogs that will be printed somewhere on the internet sometime soon as well. as a matter of course, this is also a secret. the world of t-shirt design is very secretive, mysterious, and treacherous, friends.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

might as well carpool!

something compelled me to mix the look of eddie van halen's classic guitar with the quintessential soccer mom vehicle of choice.

astrovan halen.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

kids show characters and death in france!

i recently updated my website with more designs.

if you follow me on flickr then you have already seen these:

the unveiling.
death of the airwaves.

king friday, mickey mouse, skulls, atari and paris. nothing is safe!

Monday, September 7, 2009

help me picket threadless!

threadless chose my design"picket." and it just printed today!

click here to see the listing and buy one iffin' you're so inclined.

this is my second print at threadless, and i'm beyond stoked. i felt like such an adult when i turned over the entire threadless check to the bank to add to our house down payment. i'm such a big boy now.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

september is busy!

threadless will be printing "picket." tomorrow morning. (i'll dedicate a lil' blog to that in the a.m.)

i'm going to see kevin smith mid-month (squeeeeeel!)

i'm flying down to colorado to celebrate my aunt's retirement from the airforce

i'm meeting some old friends in denver (one of which punched me in the face when we were roommates :D )

we've been and will be very busy at work releasing a new product for a client that is time-consuming but exciting (so if anyone has been waiting on me to finish side-projects or favors, there's my reason, sorry)

and to top it all off, the family and i just bought a home, so we'll be packing furiously and going through the mountains of paperwork all month to get into the new place next month. (thanks in part to threadless' and shirt.woot's prize money giving us that last little push)

so hopefully you're not one of the individuals on my list of folks being neglected. if you are, here's a sketch of j.f.k. with a goofy haircut to tide you over:

j.f.k. with a bowl cut.