Monday, February 23, 2009

great job!

well, my batch of 22 designs up at loiter finally paid off.

even though the votes on my design in their submissions section didn't pan out very well, it seems that the owners of loiter know a good tie in to a hilarious show when they see one.

that's why this shirt is now on sale.

home of the married news team.

confused? let youtube school you:

all from the show, "tim and eric awesome show great job" one of my favorite shows.

part of me is stoked because i finally got to order my very own channel five shirt. the other part of me is stoked because, thanks to loiter's set-up, i'll be getting 20% of every channel five shirt sold for life!

i just made $6.01 buying one for my wife and myself.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

it's official

i am now an award winning t-shirt designer.

*pats self on back*

the duluth superior adfed just had it's 33rd annual addy awards tonight, and one of my t-shirt designs for braggame rights went home with a silver award.

braggame rights t-shirt design

i was hired by nelson&company on august 4th last year, and my first 6 hours were spent creating that very t-shirt design.

i've actually known about my win for a few weeks, only because i have been helping out the adfed for the awards show. because of that, i had prepared the stills for the winner's reel. i got to work with the guys at tri-quantum productions putting together the winners reel and being taped telling a story about kicking a stranger in the butt in idaho. (true story)

the night was fun, i got to watch my boss drink, play a little electronic drum kit along with the dueling piano performers, play piano to some 80's hair metal song (that i can't remember right now) and then i got up and did my best (bad) will ferrel playing cowbell to "don't fear the reaper" impersonation.

interesting night indeed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


well, i had just blogged about some secret stuff last night, and one of those secrets came to the forefront this morning.

my boats n' hos design from a while back just printed at snorg tees:

boats n' hos.

keep in mind that the above image was my mock up with suggested design size and placement and shirt color.

snorg tees opted for a baby blue shirt, and they don't have any model shots yet for me to know the exact size of the design, but you can support snorg tees and buy the boats n' hos shirt here.

oh, and for those that don't understand the reference, do yourself a favor. pop some corn, rent, nay, buy the movie step brothers; and have the answer unfold in front of your eyes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

mid-february extravaganza!

lots of stuff going on, including a couple of ego-strokes i'm not yet at liberty to discuss.

i've submitted a few more designs to loiter:

oh, really fool?
lincoln logs.

i'm putting together a website for a church my grandfather is a part of, i don't have the site built yet, but i put together a logo for them that i'm currently pretty keen on:

crown of life ministries

and i also was charged with the creative challenge of making a visually interesting commercial for braggame rights (a local gaming store) with nothing but a pre-existing radio ad, so i put together the graphics and artistic direction for this ad: