Tuesday, January 29, 2008

death, taxes and hi-def.

(this video is from a year ago, but the content is pertinent)

my wife and i just finished up our taxes and we have a decent amount coming in.

so like the children we are, we're buying ourselves presents (and our daughter's upcoming birthday will be well stocked)

we went to best buy, where i burned out the rest of my christmas giftcards to nab a returned toshiba hd-dvd for really cheap.

it came with bourne ultimatum and 300. plus 5 free through the mail (we're nabbing pitch black, charlie and the chocolate factory, troy, the frighteners and the italian job. i'll be pawning bourne and troy in hopes for enough pawn credit to nab transformers hd.

but that's not the most childish of it all, tomorrow i'll be nabbing a blu-ray player (with 10 free mail-in movies)

i figured the cheap hd dvd player will be good for the few releases i can't get on blu-ray. and with blu-rays (rightful) stranglehold on all the studios, i'm willing to pay $399.99 for a player.

my wife and i watched 300 and marveled over the dirt and eyebrow hair. if that ain't livin', i don't know what is.

also, my wife is stoked to nab a couch... yipee.

i'll defend the minute amount of adulthood my wife and i can contain by stating that we're still putting almost 2/3rds of our return into savings.

so, nyeah,

Saturday, January 26, 2008

finally, my own site.

i've had a couple personal "sites" floating around the net. none of which i am proud of.

i finally got tired of lackluster site design and calling my myspace or youtube pages "home".

last week, i had set up a temporary site as a showcase of my designs i have for sale. this morning, i woke up with the an idea and spent the afternoon putting it together, may i present to you:

dann matthews

as it stands, it is still just a "vehicle" (get it?!) to showcase my designs. i intend to build the rest of the site around it. right now it's housed on my employers server, (thank you john) but i will most likely shop around for a domain soon.

i now own dannmatthews.com and have completed a print page, and a home page.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the great going out of business sale.

i have been shopping some of my old threadless designs around the 'net.

i decided to put together a page for potential clients to nab some dusty designs that threadless passed over.

i plan on making the page a little more user friendly and eye catching (and removing all the threadless logos) so it may be a bit more fun to peruse in the near future.

i'm currently working on some t-shirt design work for a couple of brands, i'm feeling a little sheepish as normally my work ethic has me banging out a design in a couple of evenings, but i threw my back out at the theater watching juno (that's right, threw my back out while sitting for an hour and a half) so i haven't been as comfortable at the computer chair as i usually am. i hope to have those finished soon to share.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


recently, torakamikaze of threadless posted a blog in which we were all set off to make sandwich mobiles. the point was to earn points, 1 for every time someone complained about seeing yet another sandwich mobile, 1 for every curse word used to lament the sammich and 2 for every blog about the cars that has a link to your design.

i came in late to the bandwagon (as usual) so mine is still pending.

holy roller. - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

there's something about being in on an internet joke that just makes me tickle in naughty ways.