Wednesday, August 26, 2009

death of the airwaves.

here's my new design that is a macabre homage (oooh, spicy vernacular tonight!) to the death of traditional broadcast, now that we've gone digital:

this design is up for vote at design by hümans.

and, a reminder, i have added an "up for vote" area to the front of my website to easily find where to vote on my wearable wares. (alliteration, awesome!)

and a reminder, "on a horse with no name." is on sale until the end of this week at teextile
on a horse with no name, at teextile.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

2 designs for sale this week!

both teextile and ript apparel are featuring one of my designs this week.

on a horse with no name, at teextile.

this design will be on sale all week at teextile.

teddy terror, at ript.

this design will be on sale today only at ript apparel.

the folks at teextile contacted me last sunday night asking if they could run my shirt last week, but i didn't read my email that weekend and i missed out 0.o' but luckily i was still on their roster of printables.

the ript apparel print i've been waiting on for a while now, back when the good folks at ript apparel sold my gorgeous george design, they had also taken in the teddy terror design an wanted to wait 2 months between prints. so i've been impatiently waiting ever since.

to add to my impatience, i'm posting this and updating my website 2 hours before the shirts go on sale. so here's hoping i'm not incorrect on the dates :P

Saturday, August 15, 2009

the phantom of crystal lake.

joing me in watching the classic play, the phantom of the opera on friday the 13th.

the phantom of crystal lake.

 - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Saturday, August 8, 2009

so much democracy!

i have a lot of designs up for vote at various sites right now.

and after going in to check up on them and forgetting half the sites i have submitted designs to, i decided to compile them all in one place.

rather than setting up a favorites dropdown in my browser, i figured it may be interesting for others to peruse my votables as well. so i have added an "up for vote" area on my site's home page.

new hotness.

i will still update on the ol' blog here, so if you're one of those 8 people, fear not. i will continue to self-promote as shamelessly as possible on blogspot.

Monday, August 3, 2009


when i first started at my current job at nelson&company, i made my first design intended to go onto a retail bag.

that, sadly, never came to fruition, and i couldn't own my own plastic piece of art.

but now, shirt.woot (who previously printed my gojirawk shirt) is having a non-shirt design contest. instead, they are asking artists to enter in a bag design for all their shipments to go out in for years to come.

they have a limited color scheme (as most bags do) so i had some fun retrofitting a design from the past few weeks into this template.

shirt.woot has always been an off-kilter place for people to congregate and purchase shirts, so i figured this design might be up their alley.

here's hoping everyone digs it, there's a decent take for the winner, so outside of seeing my design printed on plastic, it'd be nice to toss a few more bucks in the bank again.

they're now up for vote:
gorrilla riding shark
8-bit jet-pack pandas

beware ye the walk-ed cross.

had some time to myself this evening, so i put together a design playing with the icons within the crosswalk sign:

crosswalk peril.

this will be up for vote at threadless soon, and the design has some glow in the dark expectations, click below to see how that would work out:

 - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

more designs? howcanthatbe?!

i have added more designs to my website, here are the previews, all conveniently linked to my design page. how about that?!

rock stacks.
monster league baseball.
eat along with the snorks.
peewee rider.