Thursday, December 20, 2007

my shirt is on defunker now?

defunker (a more artsy subsidiary of busted tees) now carries my african animal alliance design i sold to sharp shirter a while back.

i've known for a while that defunker carries other companies shirts after seeing a couple threadless shirts on their site. i guess i was suprised that it was sold to defunker. i understand that i sold the design away (for relatively cheap) and i hold no ill-will toward the guy i sold it to (this is the same guy who drafted me to make the rock obama design in the blog below this one).

i guess i'm a bit bashful that defunker liked my design enough to buy it, but i can't escape the feeling that the comment about the product on the product page might be insulting...

"This is the world's unfunniest Calvin and Hobbes. by Sharp Shirter"
african animal alliance
(image courtesy of sharp shirter's site)

maybe i'm entirely misreading it, as they liked it enough to buy it, right? is it a joke about the paradox between the two? i dunno, either i'm not smart enough (strong possibility) or it's a poorly written joke.

all that aside, it's a bit cool and frightening to stumble upon your own design by accident on the great wide net.

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Sharp Shirter said...

yo dann,

i was also a bit thrown off by the defunker caption. i much preferred the one i wrote on, but hey...can't win em all :P