Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the great going out of business sale.

i have been shopping some of my old threadless designs around the 'net.

i decided to put together a page for potential clients to nab some dusty designs that threadless passed over.

i plan on making the page a little more user friendly and eye catching (and removing all the threadless logos) so it may be a bit more fun to peruse in the near future.

i'm currently working on some t-shirt design work for a couple of brands, i'm feeling a little sheepish as normally my work ethic has me banging out a design in a couple of evenings, but i threw my back out at the theater watching juno (that's right, threw my back out while sitting for an hour and a half) so i haven't been as comfortable at the computer chair as i usually am. i hope to have those finished soon to share.

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