Wednesday, July 30, 2008

jobhunt over, i killed a job!

after an interview for some freelance work with nelson&company the interviewees spoke of plans to hire a designer full-time somewhere down the line.

the very next day they called me to come in and interview for the very position that sounded like a pipe dream the day before.

had that second interview yesterday and received the job offer 12 hours later.

i have one interview to finish up at h.t.klatzky tomorrow afternoon. but all signs point to me reporting to nelson&company monday morning.

i am extremely relieved to be employed again. as i've stated repeatedly in these blogs, this was the first lapse in employment i've had since i was 16. so the malaise and discontent can finally subside.

i never thought my psyche would rely so heavily on being employed. the diminished funds never became a big issue, it's just not feeling accomplished that has been driving me insane.

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