Saturday, January 24, 2009

design overload!

after submitting "game over." to threadless and having the submission denied for copyright reasons. i hit the threadless blogs and asked what I could remove to make the design less of a possible legal hassle and i was prompted via email to visit the owner previously ran (i believe) and brought over that slew of shirts and made in threadless' likeness. the big difference is that the winners of the ongoing design contest don't get prize money; instead they earn 20% of all profits for life on every shirt sold. and they have a penchant for the busted tees and snorg tees style (in fact, loiterink has quite a number of designs on sale at one or the other), so i was able to pull up some of the designs that threadless wouldn't have any interest in and finally try my hand at a place that digs 'em.

a number of them are resubmissions of my threadless works (with slight retools):
go ahead, make my day.
pen fifteen.
the secret of vyagra.
sesame street fighter.
fruit luips.
aquanet lincoln.

and a bunch of designs never submitted anywhere:
boats n' hos
the death of super grover.
duck, duck, top gun reference.
kill them with kindness.
channel five.
and the design that lead me to loiterink:
game over.

here they are in absolutely no order whatsoever:

loiterink subs.

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