Thursday, July 2, 2009

angry lizard!

i have a design up for sale at shirt.woot!

shirt.woot keeps a new design on the front page for 24 hours, then moves it into the archive, where only the top 20 bestsellers stick around. So buy 13 each and every day to see me smile.

here's my original design:

click here to see full design.

shirt.woot had to pull the color count down a bit (originally had 8 colors) and i dig it. i miss the shading i had done, of course, but for a cheaper printing solution, i think this works in spades:

click here to buy.

edit: i just got my overnight gojirawk shirts (that was unnervingly fast) and i have to admit, i was unsure about the colors from looking at the mockup on the shirt.woot sale page, but it really turned out sweet looking. i am really proud of this print!

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