Sunday, September 6, 2009

september is busy!

threadless will be printing "picket." tomorrow morning. (i'll dedicate a lil' blog to that in the a.m.)

i'm going to see kevin smith mid-month (squeeeeeel!)

i'm flying down to colorado to celebrate my aunt's retirement from the airforce

i'm meeting some old friends in denver (one of which punched me in the face when we were roommates :D )

we've been and will be very busy at work releasing a new product for a client that is time-consuming but exciting (so if anyone has been waiting on me to finish side-projects or favors, there's my reason, sorry)

and to top it all off, the family and i just bought a home, so we'll be packing furiously and going through the mountains of paperwork all month to get into the new place next month. (thanks in part to threadless' and shirt.woot's prize money giving us that last little push)

so hopefully you're not one of the individuals on my list of folks being neglected. if you are, here's a sketch of j.f.k. with a goofy haircut to tide you over:

j.f.k. with a bowl cut.

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