Wednesday, November 18, 2009

back to the future: starring shia labeouf.

i recently decided to spend some of my t-shirt earnings on myself (most of them went to the house / our christmas fund) so i bought a few things that are complete wastes of money, while simultaneously completely awesome.

first, i got some miniature arcade cabinets:
the labeouf arcade.
seen here guided by the expert hands of twin shia's.

i got these bad boys from the big j.w., he makes custom made cabinets from centipede to donkey kong... not that those 2 titles necessarily run the gamut of gaming cabinets...

they are well constructed, much lighter than i expected, and decently put together. i was a little disappointed at the low-res pacman graphics when compared to the clear t2 cabinet's graphics.

the next thing i bought was a 1:15 scale back to the future 2 diamond select delorean (with lights and sounds from the movie!) i'm feeling a bit of buyer's remorse, solely from the price tag. but it is still an awesome detailed piece of chunky fun. (chunky fun was my username on no, i was never really on, but i couldn't resist including that)

if i had a shia to scale with the delorean, i would share photos, but alas, i have not. and pictures of an empty delorean just seems sad.

so instead, i leave you with this:

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