Thursday, January 28, 2010

damn squatters!

thanks to my ego, i quickly found out i had lost something dear to me.

while twittering with old bandmate and fellow designer, justin peterson, i found out that was gone.

it has been purchased by a domain squatter, who buys up hundreds of derelict domains to then sell them back at ridiculous markups to the poor schmos who lost them. call me mr. schmo. i hadn't kept up with the yearly charge by sheer ignorance and a previously unused broken email account as my lifeline to godaddy.

so, i almost hesitated (almost) calling the new owner of a squatter, as i have asked him/her/satan how much they would like to buy it back. but something tells me i'm 100% correct in my prejudice.

so, i just purchased, and after i await the pending server re-point, i'll have a new home.

at least it's not a bad domain, it's just not as great as being able to own my own name :/

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