Saturday, February 13, 2010

the desperate plea.

itunes just shit the bed.

i have been playing my 7,000+ songs in itunes since i first fell in love with my imac 4 years ago.

every song has been imported by itunes off of cds or purchased through the itunes store. (i bring this up so everyone understands that the aac codecs are all correct for itunes playback)

i recently purchased a couple itouches, and i noticed that some songs refused to play.

then i find that those same songs refuse to play on my imac as well.

no error messages, itunes is still pointed to the correct folder containing all of the music (both the songs that still play and the thousands that don't) and nothing happens.

i reinstalled itunes, and it immediately picked up where it had left off, same problems.

i then pointed itunes to an empty music folder, tried out a few songs and got the error message that it couldn't find that track. perfect, right? nope. the songs that wouldn't play before still did nothing. no reaction from itunes at all.

pointed itunes to the correct folder again and i still have the same problem.

insult to injury is that a call to apple will cost me a one time fee for them to walk me through how to fix a problem caused by using their software and their products together, as i can only imagine the itouches are the catalyst for this problem (chronologically speaking, at least.)

i bring this up in my oft-neglected blog as a final cry for help.

i have tried all the google-fu at my disposal, and i can only find fixes for windows operating systems.

has apple gone rotten?

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