Saturday, September 13, 2008

i loves drawing!

my wife bought me a sketchbook for our anniversary last month, and i've had fun doodling.

it was perfect timing as well, as the threadless loves drawing contest had just started, and it's really put the pencil back in my hand.

i've given up on drawing since i was introduced to photoshop. i also was never amazing at drawing, so it was easy to set aside.

lately i've found the happy middle ground of not caring that others can draw 10,000 times better, there's no point, there are designers that design 10,000 times better, and i haven't quit the adobe creative suite.

here's my last ditch effort to join the threadless loves drawing contest:

argyle guard. - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

a lot of layer effects and the like were tossed in, so the drawing portion is kind of hidden, but i like thqat it's a part of the design and not just the design.

here is a video i put together to detail the creation:

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