Saturday, May 30, 2009

back in the habit?

if there's on quirk anyone knows about me, it's my love of transformers. (the autobot symbol tattooed on my shoulder is a dead giveaway)

anyone who knows me from 5 years ago knows me as a rabid fan.

3 years ago, an intense collector.


for those not in the loop, today is the street date that they allow stores to sell the transformers 2 movie figures. after a night of playing risk at a friends, i hit up the local wal-mart an hour and a half past the street date.

there were new figures galore, enough that i would have contemplated fasting for 2 weeks to fill my cart right then and there to go on a bliss-filled transformation bender 3 years ago.

today, i circled back and forth, putting figures in and out of my cart and ultimately left with nothing.

the $1.99 iced coffee i went home with ended up being far less satisfying than breaking into a transformers package with my keys and quickly undoing all the packing work some chinese laborer had done months prior, and then sitting down and fiddling with the toy for a few hours.

so, while the allure is gone when i'm staring down the toy aisle; there's something to be said about the satisfaction of buyer's rejoice.

i'm going to go and be old in the corner now. keep the punks and hippies off my lawn.

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