Sunday, May 24, 2009

more to love.

i've decided to look into a few new shirt competitions and sites i had been too shy or busy to get into.

i visited when they first opened, and boy, did they grow into a pretty cool site while i was away. i feel like a father who "left for smokes" and now, a year later, my kid is all grown up and famous, and i'm looking to get reacquainted to ask for a loan. (that will be the last horrible metaphor you see in this blog)

i now have a number of designs (including the tee i just sold at teefury) up for vote here.

i also visited and liked the set-up. every thursday they introduce a theme, designs are voted on for a week and the winner gets a cash prize and a print of their tee. this week's theme is "tell a joke" so i submitted 'game over.' and 'lambchop.'.

i was then referred to shirt.woot by one of their commissioned artists (robbie lee), and although they have a weekly set-up like has, i was informed i should just send them some examples. so cross your fingers with me and you might see some of my cataloged designs on shirt.woot soon!

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