Monday, August 3, 2009


when i first started at my current job at nelson&company, i made my first design intended to go onto a retail bag.

that, sadly, never came to fruition, and i couldn't own my own plastic piece of art.

but now, shirt.woot (who previously printed my gojirawk shirt) is having a non-shirt design contest. instead, they are asking artists to enter in a bag design for all their shipments to go out in for years to come.

they have a limited color scheme (as most bags do) so i had some fun retrofitting a design from the past few weeks into this template.

shirt.woot has always been an off-kilter place for people to congregate and purchase shirts, so i figured this design might be up their alley.

here's hoping everyone digs it, there's a decent take for the winner, so outside of seeing my design printed on plastic, it'd be nice to toss a few more bucks in the bank again.

they're now up for vote:
gorrilla riding shark
8-bit jet-pack pandas

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