Sunday, August 23, 2009

2 designs for sale this week!

both teextile and ript apparel are featuring one of my designs this week.

on a horse with no name, at teextile.

this design will be on sale all week at teextile.

teddy terror, at ript.

this design will be on sale today only at ript apparel.

the folks at teextile contacted me last sunday night asking if they could run my shirt last week, but i didn't read my email that weekend and i missed out 0.o' but luckily i was still on their roster of printables.

the ript apparel print i've been waiting on for a while now, back when the good folks at ript apparel sold my gorgeous george design, they had also taken in the teddy terror design an wanted to wait 2 months between prints. so i've been impatiently waiting ever since.

to add to my impatience, i'm posting this and updating my website 2 hours before the shirts go on sale. so here's hoping i'm not incorrect on the dates :P

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