Wednesday, October 21, 2009

paris 2600.

i have a shirt on sale today at teefury.

a note for anyone unfamiliar with teefury's set-up.

the design is on sale for 24 hours only, then it's gone (from teefury) for good.

pataris, at teefury.

now you too can be the nerdiest tourist in the louvre!


Sophia said...

I love this creative design and I would like to have this tee.

dann said...

thank you!

now's your chance, only a few hours left to buy!

Delicatessen said...

Oh no! So there's no way to get this anymore? Well, it's a great design.

dann said...

I still own the rights to the art, so there's still a chance that a retailer/screen printer can purchase it. Spread the word to your favorite T-shirt outlet :D