Tuesday, March 23, 2010

march madness.

i have to thank a handful of my designer friends and my wife for making my store's inventory a lot more enticing to potential shoppers.

for the most part, i had edited the previous blog to reflect the changing offers, but as it stands now (sorry for the double post of this merch) there is:
a poster set

you have your choice of 1 of 5 of my monster league baseball characters (detail shots of each can be seen here) on a 11.75x16.8 inch poster plus a set of all 6 characters on their own baseball cards.

i just finished all the art for the backs of the cards (that's right, 2-sided, did i just blow your mind?) and i had some fun writing the bios for each character. the bio for reginald carg has been out there for over a year, but i figure i'll leave the rest as a surprise for the folks who buy the poster set or the individual order of the cards.

and second, is my updated plaidinum sticker set:

i just found out that my order of stickers will include the smaller "cell phone" stickers, so those are now included in a 3 sticker pack. i originally had just one sticker on there, but where's the fun of ordering a kick-ass sticker online, getting it in the mail a few days later and then sticking it on a stop sign and leaving empty handed (vandalism!)? now you can have one for your bumper, one for your grandma, a little one for your cell phone, and one to deface public property!

the posters are already being printed, and the cards should start printing tomorrow. the stickers are paid for and queued up on the press. now i just have to spend a few more dollars on mailing tubes (it's more expensive to ship the damn tubes to myself than the tubes actually cost :P ) and i'm ready to start spreading the madness. join me, won't you? preorder today!

a non-merchy postscript, i have risen from my design by hümans slumber and submitted a couple designs tonight. i'll be sure to let everyone know when they're up for voting. (the time is now! lycaena gygax and the unveiling.)

post-postscript, i've been listening to comedy death ray, i love movies and nerdist podcasts over the past week. my goodness, who knew there was more hilarity in the podcasting world outside of the smodcast universe! fantastic.

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