Monday, March 1, 2010

sales bonanza.

huge edit! feel free to read the post below, but these shirts are no longer on sale. i was either unlucky, or scammed. i'm hoping it was the former. this company just folded a week after opening, and will be refunding all purchases made. that seems legit, but this company now has my print ready art for the shirts seen below. so my designs may show up in china or malaysia (hot spots for stolen designs).

the tshirt vault site is now live, and you can buy my shirts!

clyde, at the tshirt vault.
lycaena gygax at the tshirt vault.
the death of supergrover, at the tshirt vault.

i am thrilled to have these designs on sale, especially the butterfly/glasses design. a buyer from fueled by ramen (or a manager) contacted me interested in showing the design to the band paramore, but they passed. and i've always had a lot of interest in my "the death of super grover." design when in the sidebar art on tee fury, so i'm hoping that parlays into a lot of sales.

what's in it for me? besides seeing the smiles on the faces of the children? i take in $3 per shirt sold, and i have a chance at getting a chunk of a $10,000 prize if i am one of the top 5 designs sold on that site. so, please, tell your friends. order 12 in case 11 of them are destroyed in a chemical fire. it could happen!

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