Wednesday, September 19, 2007

here i am.

now that i've amassed a decent stable of designs and web work, i figured it was time to create some proper web presence.

i have some web presence, but none of it is particularly for my design work.

you can find me on myspace, as well as many bands i've been in:

you can see some videos that i've made (though these are not neccesarily indicative of my editting skills, more a look into what i do friday nights from 1am - 5am):

a look into my first run at design work (alot of which will be reposted here):

and i'm certain that if you google dann matthews or papaprime all that and more will pop up. so feel free to e-stalk me.

this site will double as a place for me to post anything i deem creative and also as a storefront for my designs, as i'd like to move into my own home before i turn 30, and the only way i can see that happeneing is if i can profit off a few of my designs i spent my spare time unpaid creating.

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