Wednesday, September 19, 2007

obsessed with 15 year old boys.

my wife (specifically) and i caught hold of a youtube all-star.


the first vlog we saw of his was his last blog ever.

at first we were amused by a kid with obvious mental instabilities.

months later, we watched more of his videos, and as we started from video one and worked our way toward video 100, we found plainly obvious that he was acting. but he's and incredible actor. his commitment to the character rivals that of will ferrel's best work.

so now my wife and i sit on pins and needles awaiting his new videos. last week, i was working on an aforementioned rap song.

i thought it would be funny to take that beat and make a rap song about daxflame.

be warned, if you don't know the ins and outs of bernice daxflame juach's world, the lyrics will be confusing, but still give it a listen for the beats, i'm proud of them and the song is barely over a minute long as is.

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