Tuesday, November 27, 2007

all the kids are doing it.

thought i'd give myself a haircut.

i used to shave my head every two weeks.

scratch that, when i lived with my parents, my dad would shave my head, now my wife shaves my head.

i've been sloppy in my old age, letting it grow out for months at a time. i hadn't shaved my head since the day after halloween. which i had to do that day, i had shaved portions of my hairline to mimic peter griffin's.

i decided to do something i've dreamed of since i was a punk rock teenager (i'm now a mid twenties metal head)

give myself a mohawk:
my malevolent mohawk.

the sad thing is, i'm a fat man with a mohawk... not the height of any fashion. and i've begun wearing polo shirts more often than t-shirts. so it doesn't really look proper, which makes me all the more proud of it.

it would have looked better on me in my prime teenage years, when i weighed a little less than half of what i do now:
skinny dann.
pardon the bad photo of an old driver's license. you may notice the comically oversized glasses... that's what you get when you try to find horn-rimmed glasses to fit your huge head when you live in alaska... but i digress.

i have sported a mohawk before, but because i spent 9 years working at video stores, i knew that my mohawk would be frowned upon and my poor mohawks never survived past the weekend.

i usually saved my mohawks for weekend's when my band played, to try and look just a little cooler than i really was.

why a mohawk now? why wear a hairstyle that defies my weight?

because i can! i finally have a job as a graphic designer where i'm free to do everything short of offend coworker's realistic sensibilities.

i even tried to pussy out. my boss greeted me on monday and said he loved my mohawk, i instantly asked him if he thought it would be a problem with clients. he has no problem with it.

so i proudly wear my 3 quarters cold hairstyle, giving little old bigoted ladies a new reason to clutch their purse as they walked by (remember, i'm half black, and short of that they might think i'm mexican or native american, both of which evoke the same reaction here in duluth/superior)

viva la outdated/outmoded hairstyle!

i also spent a good portion of my evening placing a mohawk on my favorite candidate running for election next year to make a few bucks. i'll blog about that once i submit the final version to the folks putting it into print. (foreshadowing!!!!!!!!)

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