Friday, October 12, 2007

before it's cliche.

i decided to make a youtube page for my daughter.

1) because i was bored and wanted to do something creative that evening

2) because this is a quick easy way to preserve her at this age

3) because youtube blogging is becoming more and more passé, so she'll be able to show in 10 years she can say she did it before it wasn't cool.

i know i should really use my time editting to bone up on my editting skills... but i get bored subtitling it after a very short while.

speaking of editting, i did my first chunk of editting for pay today at work. the irony is that the creative department at my work doesn't meet the clients outside of creative meetings et al. but we were under odd circumstances and were asked to run to a car dealer with a budget for some web work i'd be doing. the guy had already gone over what he wanted to do with the page, yet when we got there, he was resistant to everything... despite them being his ideas.

at any rate, he basically said no and made us feel uncomfortable. yet today, a month or so later, i'm editting some v.o.d. clips for his website... the exact thing he made us feel small over.

i'm glad i'm not a salesman.

end rant.

i'm gald i'm getting a little bit of a handle on final cut pro. i've been so used to imovies lackluster control that i've become dependant on workarounds, so it's nice to feel the ability to stretch my creative mind with livetype and final cut.

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