Wednesday, October 24, 2007

design by humans

i stumbled onto a tshirt contest site called design by hümans

it takes a page from threadless and some pages from places like Oddica and Bountee.

the contest element (from threadless) wins you some more money.

the percentages the artists take home (Oddica and Bountee both do this) are a welcome addition to the expanded prize money.

and finally, the printing techniques are the most immersive i've seen on any of those other sites.

i've set up my own design by hümans account and i've already submitted a couple of designs.

i was led into the site knowing that they tend towards the artistic designs, and less cartoony. So I went through my personal library of designs and nabbed this one:

rock monster.

i also decided to add one that i always thought was a little too out there for threadless:


feel free to join design by hümans and let me know what you think of my (and other's) designs.

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