Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a sordid state of affairs.

i had created a coming soon sign for a local dental building a few weeks back.

there was an incredible hubbub as the sign company printed up the board, and then left it at the wrong work site.

after a day of phone calls, at five, the client called and the sign was still at the wrong place, so a little overtime getting abck with the sign company.

that night it's in the right spot, and i'm pleased as this is the closest to a billboard i've done in my professional career.

the next morning, the client calls us to inform us it's blown over as it wasn't weighted down.

we call the sign company again asking where the cinderblocks they spoke of (placed at the wrong site) didn't travel with the sign. they inform us they can't fix it till five.

my creative director and i decide to go and buy and place the cinderblocks ourselves.

we get to the site only to find the sign in three (3) pieces!

we haul the cinderblocks to the sign shop, let them know what's what; and thanks to their poor performance earlier, they are fixxing the sign.

it's up that night.

it's up monday morning.

monday afternoon... it's in three pieces, again.

my boss heads down and finds some "guilty puppy dog" reactions from the construction crew... one theory is that they got annoyed that they had to move it, so they busted it up... then when it was back up again, they were even more annoyed.

another theory revolves around some pickiters. it seems source group hired non union electricians, and they've had pickiters at their site.

then my boss nearly had a fit when she saw this headline:

confrontation at construction site

all our people involved, but luckily a different construction site... in fact, the one down the street that the sign company had erroniously placed the coming soon sign.

and to top it all off, this morning, there was a large sign outside of our sign's construction site stating "m&i bank funded" or something to that effect... turns out, that sign belonged at the other site...

what a sordid state of affairs.

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