Tuesday, May 27, 2008

high priest of additive light.

i have another threadless submission awaiting approval right now.

high priest of additive light. - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

if you're cheeky enough, you find the misspelling and mock me furiously over it.

and to explain the name, i will place my professor glasses precariously on the bridge of my nose and we shall begin:

additive light:
this portion of the title is referencing additive color. additive color is how the eye perceives color from computer monitors, television, etc. when all the colors are shown at their strongest, you get white. where the opposite, subtractive color, when all the colors are at their strongest you get black. this is how color is perceived in print media, or more easily remembered through sloshing all your finger paint colors together in preschool when you got that brown/black muddy color.

the rest is kind of obvious, the six arms like that of ganesha the hindu god blah blah blah.

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