Monday, May 5, 2008

hooray yay art.

yay art is yet another online competition i've recently joined. this one in particular sells limited run art prints.

i've put together 2 pieces, one i was assembling for threadless, and the other was reassembled from an entry i had placed at design by hümans.

dann's yay art pieces

you can visit my yay art profile here, i'm sure i'll be updating that page often. as much as i adore t-shirt designing, it's nice to step out of that and do these prints and skate decks.


boo yay art.

i have 2 more designs in the same spot, but they are fairing really badly percentage wise.

the diva in me thinks it's the other artists all "naying" or voting that they don't like every design that is not theirs in hopes that it will help them win.

the reality may be that people don't like my designs, but it has dropped pretty drastically fast on both days 2 and 3.

yay art is also announcing the winners shortly after the last day of the competition, and the voting is ongoing. so while mine will be voted on for 2 weeks, with people stabbing it in the heart with nay votes, someone could enter theirs on the last day, get their 15 online friends to vote yay, and they have a considerably better chance of making it into the top 24 prints than i do sitting around for all the nay votes.

i hope the folks at yay art have a way to take this into consideration.

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