Wednesday, April 23, 2008

gold, silver, bronze... tin foil?

i recently placed fourth in a jones soda t-shirt contest... possibly.

why add possibly after a dramatic use of elipses? well, after 1st place and runner up, there are 6 honorable mentions, and i'd like to imagine that they're in order, making me fourth place.

unless they're not in order and i got third, i'll accept that. a bronze medal is better than a tin foil medal any day.

here is the design i had entered:
abe loves aquanet and jones soda.

how could aquanet lincoln not have taken home the prize? he could have been jones soda's new spokesperson, rivaling the burger king! (despite being a different market entirely, they would battle regardless... war doesn't have to make sense [it has to make dollars! hahahahahah. {i'm sorry if that joke was insensitive, oh my! i'm into my 3rd set of parenthesis! i should probably back out now}])

to celebrate my 4th place near-victory, i command everyone to go out and purchase a jones soda green apple soda and drink and be merry and use to many "ands" in your sentences.

i have to applaud the threadless bloggers. we were directed to this competition from this blog, and after looking at last years winners, we decided to make it our mission to win this. 5 of us entered and we got the top 5 slots. super congrats to wotto for the 1st pace win.

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