Tuesday, April 15, 2008

kid robot / adult swim make dann angry.

well, kid robot has made a deal with adult swim to make some mini vinyl figures.

you can check them all out here.

why does this merger of pure awesomeness make me angry?

let's start with the fact that i am very excited at the chance to own a little figure of toki wartooth and william murderface (pictured below) from one of my favorite adult swim shows, metalocalypse.
william murderface.

but these toys are blind packed.

what's blind packed you say?

it means that all the toys possible are shoved into windowless boxes, and when you buy them, you get a random figure.

i wouldn't mind most of the figures offered, there are only a few i would consider throwaways. but when i specifically want 2 figures, i have to buy a entire case to make certain i get both. or i'll have to resort to ebay after they're released for an auction selling the particular figures for far too much.

so i may drop a few bones in hopes to get one or both of the figures i desire. i wish these had shown up before my birthday, i would just ask every family member for one and increase my chances 10-fold.

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