Saturday, April 19, 2008

my odd collecting continues.

earlier, i had chatted about my odd collecting habits here.

my family was in a store called family dollar... oddly not a dollar store, more like a big lots. i didn't find any hidden treasures, so i was about to leave the store a little sullen. but i stopped at the front to look at the toy machines to see if there were any cute 50¢ toys for my daughter. i happened upon a machine with toys called "strange collection" (how appropo). what struck me about these little guys was that they really resemble the odds and ends creations you might find at places like kid robot where they specifically make toys for hipsters, very artsy fartsy and fun. but those toys will run you $5-$8 for a 4 inch figure. these guys were only 50¢ each:

strange collection

to elaborate for those who are blind, or incapable of discerning different figures from my "wonderful" photography, there are tall hunchbacked skull mouthed bunnies, babies in mech highchairs with robot heads, cubist aligators, baby's riding on the backs of mobile easter island-like heads, gunslinging robots in need of dental care, & robots with pincher hands that remind me of the alphie toy from the 80s.

after a couple of google searches, i wasn't able to find anything on them, but i currently have all but one of the molds, and it looks like each one is produced in 4 different colors. i spent $9 to amass the collection above, and i think they're perfect for the hip toy collector living off the budget that i do.

this is on a completely different thought, but i designed a sign for the electric fetus (a duluth staple, a downtown music store) a couple weeks ago and i thought i'd share that as well:

electric fetus sign.

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