Sunday, April 27, 2008

skate decks and sketches and ink, oh my.

i recently stumbled upon, a site like threadless where designers submit art that is voted on and has a chance to win a cash prize.

this time, it's art for skateboard decks.

i'm not a skater by any means, for those who have seen rob and big, i'm definitely more big than i am rob. but i had been itching to reuse the design i had blogged about here, so i put this together:

multinational deck.

please help this cool community grow, vote on the design here, and join in!

in inky stinky news, i must request that you watch this sketch comedy clip from the whitest kids u know before scrolling any further:


are you sure?

if you are not, please don't scroll yet.

it will ruin the awesomeness!



oh you did watch it?


i figure i should let you continue.

here it is!

most dedicated fan i've ever seen.

that, my friend, is dedication. much more dedicated than my autobot sigil tattooed on my shoulder.

that is fantastic.

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